brand central solutions simplified launch management

Challenge Overview

A Fortune 1000 company that markets new home communities was rebranding itself. They required centralized brand governance to ensure that their nationwide network of business units would only use approved brand-compliant marketing collateral.

With just a month until the planned rebrand, the company’s go-to marketing collateral supplier was purchased by a company who closed their promotional division. They were in a real crunch and sought to find a partner that offered everything their previous vendor did PLUS expanded collateral choices and brand compliance support, which their previous vendor did not provide.


In just four weeks, Brand Central Solutions was able to seamlessly overhaul and improve all available collateral ordering and distribution systems across the country. From day one of the campaigns, all marketing teams had a robust, user-friendly business tool that provides immediate, ongoing online access to a curated collection of pre-approved, brand-compliant materials through multiple online stores.


All rebrand guidelines were embedded at the start of the launch. Corporate Marketing Management is devoting their valuable time to customer experience design and new revenue sources. The nationwide Marketing teams, who are on the ground locally, have been liberated from the messy and time-consuming work of vendor management. They and their teams are focused on creating differentiated customer experiences that put them ahead of their competition.

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