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Challenge Overview

In 2009, a New Home Builder startup began implementing a growth strategy to find high-quality organizations with an existing regional marketing presence. The client experienced significant success as a result of its commitment to letting each company keep its established brand personality and then backing their marketing efforts with the big company resources.

After a rapid succession of acquisitions, they realized that to maintain, and increase, the purchase value of these new brands, they needed a centralized system to support the new brands. After successive acquisitions, the internal Corporate Marketing teams had to develop a series of Marketing support programs to help the new brands synchronize under the parent company. They chose to outsource many of those solutions.


After a thorough vetting process, Brand Central Solutions was hired to develop procurement eStore portals for each of the six recently purchased brands that the new marketing teams would enthusiastically adopt and love. To accomplish this, the new systems had to be user-friendly and more convenient, more affordable, offer more options, provide stellar service, and produce better quality brand collateral than they had ever had before.


In a short period of time, Brand Central Solutions developed robust systems that ultimately strengthened the relationship between the parent company its individual brand companies. Each individual brand eStore portal provides immediate, ongoing online access to a curated collection of vetted brand-compliant materials to support the customer journey. The newly acquired satellite brands have unprecedented access to the scale, resources, and buying power of the Parent company through a simple centralized command center. The regional in-house marketing teams now spend more time creating value by finding, converting, and retaining new customers and working to launch groundbreaking innovations in their industry.

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