Brand Central Solutions understands that marketing managers are prioritizing digital marketing. Today the customer journey begins online and it means that centralization, more than ever, is the key to enabling a consistent customer experience wherever prospects and customers engage with your brand. To meet this growing need, we have partnered with Aprimo, the leading platform for digital asset management,  to help our clients centralize digital assets and increase their speed to market.

Challenge Overview

A cookware developer and distributor with flagship brands had 400 global users in 10 Countries. Their asset management processes were labor-intensive and manual. Because FTP was used to share digital assets internally or with global partners, the company depended on email and outdated spreadsheets to track marketing assets. This created 3 main issues:

  • Multiple sources of data, which created versioning issues and inconsistencies
  • Time to market suffered, often taking 6 months or longer to launch a new product
  • Inconsistent branding caused by sharing outdated assets


The client needed a dynamic, robust solution with the capability to house a variety of assets. With our partner Aprimo’s DAM, the client has a single version of the truth to govern its brand: all content, in all formats, in one place.  Easily searchable data can be effectively filtered and protected.  And adding content is simple, because the solution includes unlimited scaling, duplicate detectors, and versioning control. The client has created 40,000 assets to date. Approximately 3,000 images are added annually into their centralized digital asset management system.


The company was able to create an organized structure for assets by having all content stores in one repository.

The global team was able to easily search, filter, share and archive assets, reduce duplication and the risk of downloading outdated content.

They were also able to automate the daily tasks involved in content creation, allowing products to get to market faster.


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