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Challenge Overview

Once a home is purchased, the buyer may not purchase another home from them for many years, or even decades. How does a Builder demonstrate an interest in continuing to build a long-term relationship?

Our client was the largest Regional Business Unit of a top 5 New Home Builder in one of the fastest growing markets in the country. They wanted to create a joyful and memorable post-sale experience to celebrate an important life milestone and set the foundation for the next phase of relationship building with their home buyers. The region is comprised of three company brands across four distinct markets.

Each business unit was using its own gifting solutions and the growing competitive market conditions meant that they needed to centralize and standardize to deliver a more consistent post-sale welcome experience. They sought an experience for customers that would be consistent regardless of whether it was being delivered by Marketing team members, Sales Contacts, or Title company representatives.


The client developed creative messaging that reflected the celebratory moments people have in their homes and Brand Central Solutions developed creative packaging, gift box build, kitting, and fulfillment to showcase their great work. We produced a retail-style gift box (for a set of four contemporary wine tumblers). The high-end result is a pristine shrink-wrapped “presentation-ready” gifting solution that became the anchor around which the client organized their move-in day brand touch activities.


Centralizing the welcome experience helps lay the foundation for relationships with new homeowners, differentiates their three New Home Community brands from each other and from the competition, plus all business units now collaborate more to find other opportunities to centralize and create a stronger brand presence.

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