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Helping Dual Career Couples Work Through COVID-19 (from Harvard Biz Review)

By March 27, 2020No Comments

Full disclosure, I am in a dual career couple marriage and my business partner happens to also be my life partner and husband. We have been at this for 20+ years. We don’t typically lead with that fact because we want our clients to know our brand and culture, not our marital status. Our corporation is more than competent to bring solutions to Fortune 1000 companies who depend on us to manage their brand compliance. What does it matter that we fell into working as business partners and we happen to be married? It doesn’t.

It’s not easy. Most of my friends say they could never do it. Trust me, if you are a dual professional couple right now, managing work and family life under one roof, you can do this temporarily. The fact that you don’t own a business together, removes a ton of complexity. Reading this may even give you a sigh of relief that you do not actually have to “work with” your spouse! Harvard Business Review has published this article (FREE Content) which unpacks the current challenges and gives you some tips for taking action daily as a Dual Professional couple in the time of Covid-19. We sincerely hope this provides some relief from the normal tensions around balancing the priorities of two professions under one roof.

How Dual Career Couples Can Work Through the Corona Virus Crisis.



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