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Common Sense Media Book Reviews by Age – Stories have the power to Calm.

By March 29, 2020No Comments

Book Reviews by Age, by Common Sense Media

Stories have the power to calm us, to entertain us and to take us on journeys for hours at a time. Reading may just be the key to getting some time to focus on your work while you are home with kids. Common Sense Media is a wealth of information about all things kids media, including age appropriate reading. This must-have resource link provides an interactive age selector and book titles with reviews for the age you have selected.

When kids are little it seems like we read the same books over and over again for hours and then magically one day that changes. I’ll never forget the day our then 5 year old walked through the kitchen nose-to-book lost in a Magic Tree House story.

Think about scheduled independent reading time daily, so you can plan important calls or a project that requires more focus during that time. Reading time together before bed or curled up under a blanket on the sofa is still blissfully happy for kids and important. The independent reading time you schedule during the day is a Work-From-Home hack that is very rewarding for kids who are reading and huge help for you.

Book Reviews by Age, by Common Sense Media


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