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Challenge Overview

With just over a month until a scheduled Rebrand launch, this client’s go-to marketing collateral supplier was acquired and the new owner closed their promotional division. Our client needed a new partner to meet their original launch timeline and support the Rebrand campaign overall. They asked their Marketing Division leaders who else they were using to manage their brands. An overwhelming wave of feedback suggested that Brand Central Solutions would be a valuable partner.

As long as they were finding a new central Corporate partner, they sought to improve upon the previous program. Goals included freeing up the corporate marketing team’s time to focus on where they add the most value, customer experience strategies, and tactics, while seamlessly facilitating centralized distribution and unified brand governance.

Requirements for a new partner system included:

  • Manage brand compliance
  • Promote internal user satisfaction
  • Eliminate detailed transaction overview requirements by Corporate Marketing
  • Expedite fulfilling the needs of buyers


In just under four weeks, Brand Central Solutions launched multiple specialized brand e-Stores for a nationwide, publicly held Fortune 1000 company. Distributed marketing teams had immediate, any device, anytime, anywhere, centralized access to collateral with approved, accurate, and up-to-date branding from the first day of the new brand introduction. The outcome was an expedited launch of their new brand seamlessly integrated with a custom Brand Management Tool that synced every level of the organization for consistent messaging.

All of their Business Units nationwide had brand-compliant marketing collateral from the first day the of the rebrand launch.

Using an e-Commerce approach made it possible to completely overhaul their branded marketing collateral selection in the short period of time required to meet the launch deadline.


  • The rebrand launch introduced client Business Unit buyers to a simple centralized company platform for rebrand marketing collateral that also works for ongoing marketing support today. The solution continues to be a user-friendly business tool that ensures brand compliance and provides access and creative support to a widespread network of marketers nationwide.
  • Corporate Marketing has been able to delegate the daily oversight of brand compliance for branded marketing collateral to our company with peace of mind. Their valuable time is focused on digital marketing strategies that are generating revenues for their company.
  • Corporate marketing no longer funds marketing collateral inventory to service Business Units. Products are available just-in-time and meet the service expectations of Business Unit marketers.
  • Web Based Shop/Search that is curated for the client industry vastly increased the choices for collateral available to Business Units to engage prospects and customers.

Having one central resource enables Business Unit Marketing teams to focus on Marketing their product, and liberates their time from managing messy vendor networks.

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