Brand Central Solutions understands that marketing managers are prioritizing digital marketing. Today the customer journey begins online and it means that centralization, more than ever, is the key to enabling a consistent customer experience wherever prospects and customers engage with your brand. To meet this growing need, we have partnered with Aprimo, the leading platform for distributed marketing, to help our clients create a digital command center that serves their whole marketing ecosystem to increase speed to market.

Challenge Overview

To drive success throughout all its channels, a large technology distributor offers content resources that its agents can use to describe its services, such as how its products manage security or disaster recovery. But with only a single designer on staff, adding a partner logo and branded colors to these 10-12 flyers for each of its 4,000+ agents proved to be time consuming. The process not only was an inefficient use of resources to have its sole designer bogged down with such a repetitive task, it also prevented the client company from being able to create and customize additional tools for agents, such as emails, demand generation campaigns, or different types of flyers because of the time commitment required to produce them.

The client sought to utilize an automated solution that could help expedite the creation, distribution, and maintenance of the various types of partner branded content so it could better serve its agents and drive business across all channels.


The client implemented Aprimo Distributed Marketing to help streamline the process of creating customized channel content and to give agents more convenient self service capabilities to help them elevate their business. The ease of use of the platform for agents weighed heavily into the purchasing decision. The client company uploaded its existing flyers and emails into Aprimo Distributed Marketing and created recorded training sessions and tutorials so agents could get set up on the solution and begin using it to more quickly access and build customized content.

Some agents immediately began utilizing the solution, realizing how distributing locally branded content to prospects and customers could be a differentiator for their business. It didn’t take long before they began asking how the technology distributor could optimize Aprimo Distributed Marketing to include content beyond flyers.


The expedited process not only helped the company better allocate its designer resource to creating new content, but also drove more interest from its partner channel to use the branded content to generate prospect interest, leads, and ultimately recurring revenue. Now the technology distributor is able to upload a single version of its flyers for all agents to download and easily create co-branded content at scale. This has proven to be a differentiator for the large technology distributor among its competitors. The technology distributor soon began adding new flyers into Aprimo Distributed Marketing and then notifying agents when the new content was ready. The company has been able to expand the types of content available for its agents in Aprimo Distributed Marketing to include branded demand gen email campaigns, and other digital ads. Now agents can simply preload their prospect and customer lists into the solution and schedule a campaign for deployment.

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