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New Normals for Business

How do you strike the right tone for consumers with safety as a priority?

By May 28, 2020No Comments

How are you planning to provide security, comfort and safety to team members and consumers as we gradually reopen the economy and experience more frequent in-person contact? Everyone is approaching this differently and we understand why. While safety is a central value in any consumer offering, the new safe guidelines are being met by consumers with differing emotions. Most people would agree that a touchless sanitizing station with some educational signage would give comfort in any public environment. It’s portable, educates and no one has to touch anything! But if you are considering face coverings, people are more emotional. Some people feel strongly it’s a way to care for others. Some consumers dislike them but wear them only when absolutely needed. Workers are not thrilled that they cannot convey a warm smile. Others consider this an imposition on their freedoms. Getting creative with distancing graphics can be fun, but maybe your brand would rather not be seen as having fun with Pandemic outcomes?  Our solutions work to support your particular communication strategy around safe work practices. We respect and appreciate that every single brand is going to approach this a little differently depending on how you talk to your consumers. We’d love to connect and help you plan for this.

Brand Central Workplace Safety Solutions Overview


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