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A Letter to all Parents from a respected Health Professional

By March 24, 2020March 28th, 2020No Comments

A Letter to All Parents from Dr. Debra Jedeikin



This is an image of my then 8 year old enjoying a pajama day, under the watchful eye of his Dad. He was building a ball toss machine for impaired Grandparents to use when they want to play catch with their dogs. To me this is an image of a more carefree time when the idea of dangerous Pandemic was not on our radar screen. It’s a Saturday in the backyard working on a 3rd grade Science Project together. In her letter here, Dr. Debra Jedeikin tells us that we can capture some of these gentler more carefree moments while we adjust to being under one roof with our children and our pressing work priorities.


A Letter to All Parents from Dr. Debra Jedeikin


Dr. Jedeikin (Dr. Deb as many refer to her) is a highly respected professional in our region and someone I’ve known personally as a friend for 20 years. Her insightful support, pragmatic action-steps and empathetic straight talk is refreshingly simple and extremely hopeful for parents who are all at once trying to do their work and providing some childhood magic at home 24/7 right now. From one parent to another, I hope this helps us all think about how to help our kids. Warmly, Leslie Bridges, CXO



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