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May 2020

How do you strike the right tone for consumers with safety as a priority?

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How are you planning to provide security, comfort and safety to team members and consumers as we gradually reopen the economy and experience more frequent in-person contact? Everyone is approaching this differently and we understand why. While safety is a central value in any consumer offering, the new safe guidelines are being met by consumers with differing emotions. Most people would agree that a touchless sanitizing station with some educational signage would give comfort in any public environment. It’s portable, educates and no one has to touch anything! But if you are considering face coverings, people are more emotional. Some people feel strongly it’s a way to care for others. Some consumers dislike them but wear them only when absolutely needed. Workers are not thrilled that they cannot convey a warm smile. Others consider this an imposition on their freedoms. Getting creative with distancing graphics can be fun, but maybe your brand would rather not be seen as having fun with Pandemic outcomes?  Our solutions work to support your particular communication strategy around safe work practices. We respect and appreciate that every single brand is going to approach this a little differently depending on how you talk to your consumers. We’d love to connect and help you plan for this.

Brand Central Workplace Safety Solutions Overview


Three Consumer Behavioral Trends That Will Reshape a Post-Covid World.

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“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” Albert Einstein

The Harvard Business Review team suggests there are some specific behavioral changes that will change the way businesses think about consumer products and services. All three of them are opportunities for many Brands. How do you support a growth in single person households, our desire to depart from dense living to less expensive and more spacious neighborhoods, and a new work environment that needs to integrate with all things “home”.  Covid-19 has disrupted the status quo. Where is there opportunity to support these new consumer behaviors and preferences?



Three Behavioral Trends That Will Reshape Our Post-covid World


We’ve carved out a little corner of the content world to be of support to you or anyone you know. To view more, please visit: Brand Central Home Base

The status quo is on shaky ground thanks to Covid-19. Time to rethink things?

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According to a recent McKinsey post, digitization of everything was moving at a brisk pace prior to the Pandemic. The current need to virtualize so much of how we work, live and learn has simply sped up the digitization trajectory.

Your website is often the first point of entry for a consumer into your brand’s ecosystem. How does your website deliver in a world where distancing and virtualization have already changed consumer behaviors?

All of this starts with an experience on your website and conversion events that lead to a sale. Business professionals know this, of course. But Covid-19 has disrupted the status quo. How does that change the way your website needs to engage consumers or businesses you serve? Here are five ways McKinsey suggests that you can improve a buyers’ digital experience given the changes we are already experiencing.

  1. Improve the self-service options you already have. For example, on websites, ensure buyers can readily find information, compare options, make purchases, and receive service without live support from sales reps for less complex needs.
  2. Rapidly fix what’s broken on websites and mobile apps. Watch for technical issues in real time and resolve them as they appear. Such no-regrets moves could deliver incremental revenue and improve the digital experience in ways that promote increased loyalty.
  3. Keep the human touch for complex interactions. Have your sales reps on call to support buyers by phone, videoconference, or webchat, whenever they need it; a 24/7 or 24/5 live presence can be especially meaningful when remote interactions are the only options.
  4. Think like a consumer. Ensure any e-commerce channel provides a B2C-like experience for every product or service, whether a new purchase or a repeat order. Link e-commerce sales goals to your overall sales targets and incentives systems. Be willing and able to double-count credit when customers interact both digitally and with sales reps.
  5. Measure your progress. Are you a primary or secondary supplier? What is your churn rate, loyalty score, rate of customer satisfaction? Does your performance vary between digital and in-person interactions?


Please get in touch if you’d like to let us provide a Website Wellness Assessment. It’s complimentary for two months so we can provide our clients with an extra set of hands and possibly a fresh perspective. It’s a good time to rethink the ways in which your website helps connect and convert to generate revenues and growth going forward.