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April 2020 Family Math fun when Zoom learning leaves kids uninspired.

By Engaging Children No Comments was formed by an award-winning Stanford Math professor to give teachers, parents and students the resources they need to excite students about mathematics. They have devoted a link in their website to fun Math tasks that make at-home-school a little more engaging, if you feel like the Math by Zoom is less than inspiring for your children. at Home – Math Tasks that Excite


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4 ways to help anxious kids while we are impacted by Covid-19 changes.

By Engaging Children No Comments

Simple things like learning to breathe really work for almost any age kid. The professionals interviewed for this article discuss 4 ways parents can help anxious kids during Covid-19. They suggest we first acknowledge what is happening, then resolve our own anxiety, give kids mindfulness tools (age appropriate), and create a schedule with pictures. My college student still uses deep breathing exercises during stressful times that we taught him as a 5 year old. It is a remarkably simple tool for attaining a sense of calm and well-being. Works for parents too!

4 Ways to Help Your Anxious Kid(s)


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3 Themes in your Communications now: Emotion, Empathy, Compassion.

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 Emotion, Empathy, Compassion

The time for emotion and meaning is now.




The team at Emotive Brand in Oakland, California does some of the best writing I’ve seen about why brands need to be based on emotion and the importance of empathy and compassion, always, but especially right now. They make it simple and clear. If you need some inspiration, this quick read will give you a reset and position you for rich conversations with team members and customers throughout your day. The time for emotion and meaning is now.


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Brand Central Solutions – Here for you during Covid-19

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To our Valued Client Family, our LinkedIn Network and Prospective Clients getting to know us:

We are living and working in unprecedented times. We want you to know that we are here for you, right now and always. Many of you know that Brand Central Solutions has a dedicated team of distributed professionals across the United States and Globally.  Our Sourcing Manager works remotely in the Bay Area. Our HQ is located in San Diego. Our Production Coordinator works remotely from the greater Boston Area and our Ops and Finance team is in Boston, now all working remotely in unison. We have designers in Utah and India and a wonderful partner team on the ground in China. We will continue to take steps to ensure the safety of our team members, families and communities.

Business as usual is not the priority but continuing to deliver excellent service to our clients remains a number one priority. Our organization is set up to stay connected and to finish projects we have in-house and implement projects that may be used to support your WFH teams, Onsite Teams, Brand Messaging during Covid-19 or Corporate support of vulnerable populations in your local Communities.  Our elite group of dedicated supply chain partners are set up for remote support of factory workers who at this time have adapted to distancing guidelines, along with stringent health and safety rules.

Our website homepage features a new content resource called Home Base, to be of extra support to you at this time. In it you will find useful resource content and hacks for organizing work from home office spaces, managing kids, wellness tips plus a few or our favorite work playlists and tasty recipes that help you grab a fast lunch and refuel for your afternoon Zoom conferences. We want to be relevant to you right now.

If you want to connect and talk/email about your new work situation, share a story or brainstorm a way to use your brand capital to support the communities you live/work in, we are here for you. We are all available during regular business hours and welcome your contact.

I know we will get through this time and prosper together as a community.


Leslie Bridges
​​​​​​Chief Experience Officer